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Mind Matters works with a range of partners to bring you the latest in mental health support knowledge and expertise. Mind Matters is pleased to be working with:

Innovating Minds CIC

Innovating MindsInnovating Minds is a social enterprise that specialises in providing accessible psychological support for young people in education, training and employment. Innovating Minds recognise that young people with emotional and mental health needs are not always able to assess the specialist support when they need it. Therefore they provide specialist psychological support within education, training and employment sectors. Experienced Psychologists provide training, group work and offer individual sessions for young people, caregivers and teachers. If you want to know more about what they do take a look at their eye catching website.

Condition Management Partners

CMP is a leading provider of support to people with health conditions. CMP provide clinically derived Health and Well-being services across the welfare-to-work sector, and are a leading independent provider in reablement therapy services.cmp, condition management programme, condition management partners

CMP’s approach to delivery is innovative. It combines mental and physical health support with functional-improvement therapy interventions and either a person-centred or an employment-focused support package. The service provides a holistic intervention aimed at a return to productive and meaningful independent and social functioning.

Find out more about Condition Management Partners here


Fit-Biz is about improving the fitness levels of your workforce. They offer a choice of exercise based fiFit-biz logotness sessions, and innovative sessions which combine exercise and networking! Sessions can be developed to suit all fitness levels and all sessions are delivered by a qualified fitness instructor.

Find out more about improving the physical health and wellbeing of your staff here

Mindful Employer

Developed, led and supported by employers, MINDFUL EMPLOYER® provides businesses and organisatimindful employer, mental healthons with easier access to information and support for staff who experience stress, anxiety, depression or other mental health conditions. Mindful Employer have a charter for employers. Mind Matters is trained to deliver Mindful Employer courses including ‘Being a Mindful Manager’ and ‘Working Well at Work’

Find out more about Mindful Employer here

Monkey Mind Ltd

Monkey Mind Ltd is the brain child of Graham McDowell. It’s a break through in measuring and improvinMonkey Mind; schools; surveys; mental health; wellbingg workplace mental wellbeing. The Monkey Mind platform provides employers the opportunity to discover the hidden suffering within their people, target appropriate support where it’s needed and, in addition to improving the lives of countless people, improve businesses performance by unleashing the un-tapped potential in the people they already have! Find out more about Monkey Mind here


Red Umbrellared umbrella

We at Red Umbrella provide all the services needed after a company/organisation has had its all important MHFA training, as the MHFA member of staff uses their skills to approach colleagues and enter into dialogue, who can they point them too, how can that person gain immediate access to help, and how can they be assured its anonymous and wont be passed to Internal HR or Managers. Find out more here

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