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There are times in all our lives when difficulties and challenges cause us to have a low mood, reduced positivity, and increased sadness. Our mood is affected by a variety of things, including issues around us, within us, and a whole host of other direct and indirect causes. For 450 million people worldwide, the cause is mental ill health (World Health Organisation, 2011).

When friends, family, and loved ones are experiencing a low mood and sadness, we want to make them feel better, whether that’s due to mental ill health, or another difficulty they are currently experiencing. In most, if not all cases, we can’t solve their problems, but we still feel the urge to make a positive difference to how they feel.

Improving how someone feels in a positive way can often be done by small things. For example, making someone a drink and offering a non-judgemental listening ear, or helping them to get the appropriate professional support they require. On occasion, we have to assist or encourage from a distance due to limitations such as geographical location, or other practical restriction, but unanimously we want to help.

Our Hug-in-a-Box© allows you to make a small difference to improve someone’s day, wherever their location to you. You can show that you care, want to help, and want to make them feel better by sending them a ‘Hug’.

The products within Hug-in-a-Box© can help to provide ‘perfect moments’ – those priceless moments when we feel present, content, and able to acknowledge notable happiness within our day.

The contents of Hug-in-a-Box© may vary but will always include:

  • Little Book of Mindfulness: An easy way to gently let go of stress and be in the moment. This little book is something your hug receiver can take with them everyday, providing simple 5-10 minute daily exercises to improve mindfulness.
  • Relaxing candle: The calming effect of candlelight can be a simple yet valued tool to help reduce stress and increase self-awareness. Benefits are further increased by selected scented candles, or merely by scent preference.
  • Chamomile tea: Chamomile is historically known for its calming properties. It is extremely effective at helping with anxiety, and insomnia – a common symptom associated with depression.
  • Relaxing gel eye mask: The challenges of modern life can be sources of discomfort and pain, including migraines, eye strain, muscle tension, and illness. The relaxing gel eye mask can ease the pressure and pain of these problems, by heating or cooling the product to suit the problem.
  • Dark chocolate: Mental health benefits include the ability to boost brain levels of endorphins (natural opiates) as well as serotonin (a mood-altering chemical on which many anti-depressants act).
  • Relaxing bath salts: These relaxing bath salts can balance the emotions, and help to combat mental fatigue.

Get Support Now: Helping for the long term…

We fully appreciate that our Hug-in-a-Box© won’t solve everyone’s problems or difficulties. Rather its aim is to provide some ‘perfect moments’ of respite and recharge that will assist in coping with these problems in a healthy way, or by improving the mood through relaxation.

For many people, however, the greater need may be for the type of support that will create a longer lasting difference. This may include Talking therapies, access to trained professionals who can assist with specific issues, or other type of professional support. What we truly hope is that Hug-in-a-Box© becomes the start of a recovery journey…

To increase the likelihood of this being so, we’ve added a ‘Get Support Now’ card to Hug-in-a-Box© Get Support Now allows the hug receiver to find out about a wide range of services (via a QR code scanner or by directly accessing the website support page) that can assist with their problem and/or mental ill health. Many of the support services offer 24/7 access to helplines, and other assistance.

Start someone’s recovery journey today by giving them a Hug-in-a-Box©


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