Mental Health Training

Our (amazing!) Trainers


Mind Matters strives to deliver excellence in the field of health and mental well-being. In order to meet our customer needs and volumes of training delivery, we may from time to time commission experienced Associate Trainers to increase our capacity, or with additional expertise in specialist mental health areas.

We are privileged to work with a fantastic team of very skilled Associate Trainers, and you can find details of our Trainers here:

Adrian Thomas

Bill Cunningham

Chris Rollings

Dr Sam Littlemore

Gemma Skye Davies

Ian Hurst

Jane McNeice (Trainer and owner of Mind Matters)

Jase Smith

Jo Morton-Brown

Jonny Ward

Jon Simons

Lianne Bowskill

Lynda O’Malley

Martin Lally

Mike Thakoordin

Peter Abbott

Tara Powell

If you think you can support Mind Matters in continuing to deliver excellence, or would like to find out more about the range of skills and experience within our Trainer pool, please contact us for further details.




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