Mental Health Training

Gemma Skye Davies

My passion is very much mental health and working as a community to keep mental health a top priority in everyone’s lives regardless of having a diagnosed condition. Mental health is an intrinsic part of us as human beingGemma Daviess and my desire is to work towards everyone being able to live their life to their optimum. I also have a keen interest in Military Psychology and the link and impact of cross cultural transition from military to ‘Civvy Street’ of which both my undergraduate and postgraduate studies are based.

Work Experience

I am a freelance Associate trainer delivering courses around mental health awareness, manager training in mental health, resilience, Mental Health First Aid and suicide intervention courses.

I have particular experience working with and delivering to large Clients such as construction companies, and other industry types. I also work for Rethink Mental Illness in a crisis house supporting people with acute mental health conditions. Areas of particular experience and interest to me are Psychosis, personality disorders, in particular EUPD/BPD and anxiety disorders.

I have had previous experience working in a recovery and rehabilitation facility and within the community as an acute mental health recovery worker for Richmond Fellowship. In my past I have also volunteered for many different organisations and charities which include West Yorkshire police and an international volunteer trip working with children in Poland.


MSc in Psychology
BA (Hons) in Criminology Psychology
ASIST Trainer
Master Trainer in Strengthening Personal Resilience.
MHFA Trainer

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