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Jane McNeice

Mind Matters was founded by Jane McNeice in 2015 following her work in mental health, both supporting businesses and health professionals, and helping people with mental health problems to gain and retain work. Jane is a post-graduate, working in the field for 10 years, having qualifications in Human Resources, Criminology, and Vocational Rehabilitation. Jane is a qualified training instructor with LivingWorks, MHFA England, i-ACT (for Positive Mental Health), and the Resilience Training Company. Jane delivers a wide range of courses as an Associate Instructor for Mental Health First Aid England CIC, Mindful Employer, and other industry leading organisations. Jane has multi-sector experience, working in the private sector in logistics, public sector in the NHS, and within Third Sector infrastructure. Jane’s research studies include: Victimisation of Asian Muslims post 7/7; The use of Mediation within Third Sector Workplaces; and Application of the Individual Placement & Support Model within Vocational Services for people experiencing mental health difficulties.

Jane McNeice; mhfa; mental health; austic; umbrella picker; trainer; mental healthJane’s philosophy for Mind Matters…

“We want to make a positive difference to people’s mental health and wellbeing through awareness raising, self-management, and accessing early intervention when it is required. We want to challenge stigma, and get people talking about their mental health just like they would their physical health.”

How have you taken care of your own mental health and wellbeing since the start of the Covid-19 Coronavirus pandemic?

The Covid-19 pandemic, in particular the lockdown, gave me a chance to stop, take stock, and learn. I learned that Life had become fast – my family life, my working life including Mind Matters, and everything in between. I learned that this had stifled my experience of time, my creativity, and mostly my contentment. From this learning I took a decision to truly and honestly prioritise self-care and balance above all else for the the benefit of my own survival and for the lives of my children and others that hopefully I am able to help. Taking care of ‘me’ now looks like taking up running again (with no goals or targets), spending more time doing the things I enjoy like reading and gardening, reaching out for support when it’s needed, self-expression and congruence, seeking clarity, and being more active in deciding what my role in Mind Matters will be to achieve the best health outcomes both for me and our clients.

How do you want to change the world?

I’m hoping that by doing the things above and making the changes in me that I’d like to see in the world, then I can make small steps to improving the world. I believe it starts from within, but collectively we can change the world in a big way by creating a ripple effect. I believe Covid-19 has highlighted a universal truth that has become increasingly hidden through individualism – we are all in fact connected.

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