Mental Health Training

Janet Lallysmith

Building on over a decade of frontline work in mental health services and 16 years of training experience, Janet has developed a Janet Lallysmithspecialism in mental health at work. She creates and delivers training in all aspects of mental health tailored to meet the training needs of each organisation. Topics include how organisations can promote mental well-being, how to support staff who are experiencing anxiety, depression stress and/or more complex mental health problems, how to actively reduce ‘presenteeism’ and strategies for staff to better manage their own mental health in modern, fast-paced working environments, including remote working.

Since March 2020, Janet has moved most of her courses to remote delivery via Zoom or MSTeams.  Her training has focused on the mental health challenges that have arisen in organisations since the global pandemic and lockdown, including for those with furloughed staff or in the process of restructuring.  Janet works across all sectors, including public, third and private sectors and continues to work as an associate trainer for National Mind and Dementia Trainers.

How have you taken care of your own health and well-being since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic?

The phrase “It’s a marathon not a sprint” has been on my mind a lot.  From it initially feeling like a longer Easter holiday here we are six months on, not knowing exactly how far along the marathon we are but being quite sure that we’re nowhere near the end.  The difference between Covid-19 and a marathon being that when you decide to run a marathon you plan your training schedule at the same time.  None of us have trained for this, neither do we have any sort of framework to locate it in.  Trying to prioritise basics and good habits – sleep, exercise, good food – and actively trying not to develop unhealthy habits.  I’m lucky to live near a park which I have taken more notice of.  I’ve kept in contact with family and friends, and I’ve accepted good days and bad days.

How would you like to change the world?

To reduce inequality and distribute resources more evenly and with greater compassion for people, animals and our planet.  In terms of mental health, this would involve ensuring that everyone has the basics for mental well-being in place i.e. food, shelter, companionship and occupation, as well as the opportunity to access help and support when necessary.  Greater acceptance that mental health problems are as common and impactful as physical health problems, and that neither is anyone’s fault or shortcoming.



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