Mental Health Training

Jo Morton-Brown

My name is Jo Morton-Brown, and blending different roles into one, I am a BACP accredited school-based counsellor, a family support worker, and travel across the country as a provider of training to adults about the difficulties children and young people face with regards to their mental health. I am a passionate and committed advocate for the improvement of mental health, especially in children and young people. I also deliver specific training to organisations/educational settings about the importance of staff wellbeing; the key message is how staff members need to take responsibility to mind their own wellbeing, as well as feeling supported if and when they do ask for help.

How have you taken care of your own mental health and wellbeing since the start of Covid-19 Coronovirus pandemic?

During the period of lock down I re-visited my core values and realised that I need to prioritise my own needs, in order for me to be the best version of me. For me this is all about self-care, keeping active, getting enough fresh air, appreciating family time, and enjoying a life of simplicity.

How do you want to change the world?

I want to continue to support the children of our future, to allow children and young people to feel supported and understood and to normalise conversations around topics such as mental health, aiming to support early intervention.

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