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Equality & Diversity Policy

Mind Matters is a Company that supports individuals and business to raise their levels of mental health literacy. To this aim we are committed to providing high quality training to meet the needs of individuals and businesses.

This Equal Opportunities & Diversity Policy supports and enhances Mind Matters broad organisational values. Mind Matters values the diverse cultures, environments and communities which it is part. We believe people have the right to be treated equally and oppose discrimination in all its forms. We recognise value and respect diversity, and understand the importance of creating a fair and just environment. We do this through our existing policies and monitoring procedures which are revised regularly and by taking practical action where possible.

Mind Matters is aware of and opposes individual, institutional and cultural discrimination, which can be direct or indirect, through lack of awareness, stereotyping, prejudice, victimisation, harassment, marginalisation, exclusion, or oppression, and of the impact this has on discriminated groups or individuals.

Mind Matters and all Associates managed by it are fully committed to the Equality Act 2010, social justice, equality of opportunity and the elimination of all forms of discrimination as a fundamental principle of its work. We carefully consider opportunities and specific issues around equality and diversity in service design, implementation planning and delivery. We seek to prevent discrimination and promote equality of opportunity in the provision of services, in our employment practices, and in our dealings with individuals, clients, volunteers, partners, and suppliers. We are committed to ensuring that no individual or group of people is less favourably treated or denied opportunities because of their background, for example:

  • Ethnic or cultural origin
  • Nationality (or statelessness)
  • Religion, faith, or belief
  • Social or economic background
  • Class
  • Locality
  • Gender
  • Sexuality
  • Transgender
  • Age
  • Apparent and non-apparent disability or recovery from mental illness or long-term health condition
  • Employment status
  • Caring responsibilities
  • HIV status
  • Unrelated criminal conviction

… or because of association with others who experience the above. On the contrary, we will endeavour to increase our reach to those groups who are under represented within Mind Matters.

Mind Matters will work to achieve policies and practices that ensure existing and potential directors, employees, associates, and volunteers are positively encouraged to challenge discrimination. All individuals within Mind Matters will have their needs considered and, wherever practically appropriate, support will be provided. We will also work to achieve equality of opportunity for people we exist to serve. All reasonably adjustments to meet learner needs will be considered and accommodated where reasonably appropriate.

Mind Matters demonstrates its commitment to these issues by adopting an Equal Opportunities & Diversity Policy which gives guidance on diversity practices, service provision, and the general work of the company.

This policy applies to Directors, Staff, and Volunteers employed by or working for Mind Matters. Aspects of this policy also apply to Associates engaged by Mind Matters and to those businesses with who we work in partnership through our services. In additional we expect that Associates, Partners, and other organisations will have their own policies and procedures that reflect similar principles and practices, and eliminate and prevent all forms of discrimination.

Equal Opportunities & Diversity Policy

This policy aims to ensure that Mind Matters creates equal opportunities for all current and potential directors, staff, volunteers, users of our services and organisations with which we work. Its success will depend on everyone having a full understanding of diversity and equal opportunities and co-operating in the policy’s implementation.

Mind Matters recognises that the UK is socially and culturally diverse and believes its work is enriched by the different qualities and experience brought to Mind Matters.

Mind Matters seeks to ensure that our work programme and other services reflect the perspectives of communities within which we deliver, and that our staff composition is representative of those communities. Where under-representation, or where an obstacle to participation is identified, every effort will be made to attract, encourage and support participation and application by that sector of the community. Mind Matters will identify these gaps through use of appropriate tools and exercises such as equality impact assessments.


Mind Matters will seek to ensure that Board of Directors reflect the diversity of the county’s population. Equal opportunity and diversity training will be an essential part of induction for all Directors.


Mind Matters believes that voluntary activity, active community involvement and self- help are options that should be open to everyone irrespective of their background, and that they have a right to volunteer without experiencing discrimination or facing barriers preventing involvement.

Mind Matters will encourage and support its partners to create volunteering opportunities that are inclusive to all, in particular for those from under-represented groups. Additionally we will promote volunteering to people who face difficulties in getting involved.


Mind Matters will seek to raise awareness of cultural diversity, equal opportunities and anti-discrimination policy and practice by the provision of training and support materials

Mind Matters Equal Opportunities & Diversity Policy will be available to anyone on request.

Employment, recruitment and selection

Mind Matters works to ensure equality of opportunity for all. This applies to all areas of employment, including:

  • Recruitment and selection
  • Training and development
  • Promotion
  • Conditions and benefits of service
  • Employment procedures
  • Health and safety
  • Cessation of employment


Mind Matters will endeavour to ensure that its published material will be accessible to all and will ensure that no individual or group is treated less favourably or denied opportunities because of their background. Mind Matters Values will reflect its commitment to equal opportunities and diversity and will be displayed prominently in the main office of its premises.

Monitoring and Evaluation

The Equal Opportunities & Diversity Policy will be reviewed annually in order to evaluate its effectiveness and that it complies with current legislation. The review will be carried out by the Founding Director. Information from the recruitment monitoring forms and other relevant information, for instance examples of breaches of the policy or changes in national and regional agendas, will be examined by the Director to ensure that the Equal Opportunities & Diversity Policy itself is up-to-date, and that our other policies and practices are fully compliant.


Equal opportunities and diversity training will be an integral part of the induction training for directors, staff, and volunteers. Directors, staff and volunteers will be given equal opportunity of access to training and professional development.

Action Plan

Following the annual review an action plan will be put in place to ensure the actions identified through the monitoring and evaluation process are implemented, that the training and professional development programme is current and that we understand what the policy means to our work.

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Reviewed: Sept 2023

Next review : Sept 2024



Signed:         Jane McNeice


Jane McNeice

Founding Director

(07833 470979)

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