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New & Improved Mental Health First Aid! By Jane McNeice

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New & Improved Mental Health First Aid! By Jane McNeice

Mind Matters and I are delighted to share that our flagship course, the MHFA (England) licensed 2 day Mental Health First Aid training course, or as it is newly titled ‘Adult MHFA’ has received a re-branding and excellent product overhaul. MHFA (England) have also updated their branding with a new MHFA logo representing a sharing of minds, and other interpretations. The new materials include new graphics, images, and other aesthetic changes, but most importantly key improvements to the course, which include:

  • A revision of ALGEE, the support acronym used within the course
  • Updates on the latest statistics in mental health
  • New participant activities
  • New information on subjects like communication, dual diagnosis, and workplace mental health
  • And a range of new case studies

What’s even better for Mind Matters customers is that we haven’t used this as an opportunity to raise our prices. You can still access our 2 day open Adult MHFA course for £150 per delegate, whilst benefitting from the new materials, including an accompanying Adult MHFA manual, which we’re delighted to say has tripled in size and content, giving delegates an excellent resource to use for further reading and reference after the 2 day course.

Many of our delegates have expressed interest in having a small wallet/purse size card highlighting key tools such as ALGEE, and MHFA (England) have been responsive to feedback with an all new ‘Z’ card resource to accompany the course manual and workbook.

So if you’d like to find out more about the new Adult MHFA training course, whether that’s with a view to attending as an individual delegate, or to have a course delivered in-house, please contact us

The new version course will be delivered by Mind Matters from 2017. We look forward to seeing you there…

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