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Feel Real App, By Claire Fuller

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Feel Real App, By Claire Fuller

Since 2003 Claire Fuller has been supporting and working with people who have felt exhausted, stressed and often overwhelmed with their daily life.  They have been seeking to change things for the better.

During this time Claire noticed regular patterns which have often led to the situation they have found themselves in and therefore has focused her work on finding solutions to these problems.

Claire has a very strong natural desire to help people to enjoy and make the most of their life and overcoming stress is fundamental to achieving this.

Hence since 2009 Claire began to create an assortment of resources which could be available to help and support anyone, wherever they may be.  During the first few years of running her business she was limited to helping only those people who were close geographically to her, however, since the arrival of the internet has been able to work with people wherever they are based in the world, as long as they have an internet connection and a desire to change.

The work that Claire has shared with hundreds of clients in a face to face environment is now available in weekly modules, via complete 12 week online programmes which enable the user to gradually make changes to progress their personal development, to overcome stress, and to become more productive.  This results in positive changes which last in the long-term; it is fantastic to witness the changes as they occur within the programme each week.

One of the newest resources that Claire has developed during the last several months is the inspiring and motivational Feel Real App.  This is a FREE app providing no cost resources which are instantly available as downloads or texts; it links you to supportive webinars and blogs too.  It also provides a way of connecting with others who are like-minded and who want to find ways to improve their life, easily and affordably.

If you would like to find out more about the Feel Real App and to download it Click here for more information.

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