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“i-ACT rather than RE-ACT” The mental health training programme that’s taking the working world by storm and helping Managers and Employees to be pro-active and positive about workplace mental health

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“i-ACT rather than RE-ACT” The mental health training programme that’s taking the working world by storm and helping Managers and Employees to be pro-active and positive about workplace mental health

By Jane McNeice, I-ACT Online Instructor & Founder of Mind Matters

Since our inception in 2015, Mind Matters has slowly and deliberately built a comprehensive suite of mental health training courses with the aim of promoting a ‘whole business’ or ‘whole community’ approach to mental health.

At Mind Matters we want to ensure that whatever stage of need a person is in – sustaining good mental health and early intervention through to crisis – there is a course we can offer that will equip a participant to meet those needs in the workplace or community. We also want to ensure that our customers can spread the different skill sets across their workplace by upskilling Employees, middle and senior Management, through to boards of Directors or Trustees, all of whom have different tasks and roles to play in workplace mental health. We want the courses that we offer to promote themselves by providing a visible role presence in the workplace so that anyone in an organisation can know who and where to go for support when it is needed. This we see in our Mental Health First Aid courses which train course delegates to identify as Mental Health First Aiders, and can be seen in our global suicide prevention programmes such as ASIST and SafeTALK which train delegates to be Life Assisting Care Givers or Suicide Alert Helpers. So we were more than delighted when we recently discovered the i-ACT (for Positive Mental Health and WELLbeing) programme of courses that could enhance our provision even further and train participants as qualified i-ACT Practitioners.

Having been developed in 2015, i-ACT is a relative new comer to the world of workplace mental health training, but that in no way holds it back. I-ACT is already delivering results and having a significant impact in the workplaces who have embraced it, this impact further showcased in the programme’s short-listing for the ‘This Can Happen 2020: Product Impact Award’. I-ACT (for Positive Mental Health and WELLbeing) offer a range of courses that not only support people with mental health difficulties, but do this in a truly pro-active way. I-ACT have thought about the different training needs of various workplace roles and developed complimentary courses for both Managers and for Employees/Front-line workers. The course materials are positive both in content and illustration, right down to the vibrant thumbs up logo used to reinforce the i-ACT help and support model, and are delivered in a positive way by its licensed Instructors who undertake a robust training and assessment process to prepare them for delivering the high quality courses. The real benefits of i-ACT, however, lie in an emphasis around what the participant can do after the training, both to ensure their own good mental health, and to help and support others. With a comprehensive manual and on-line bank of resources including templates, tools, tips, advice, and sign-posting, delegates have all the resources they need to support themselves and others at the earliest opportunity and in a pro-active way. I-ACT Practitioners retain their title and qualification for 3 years, including access to the wealth of on-line resources and tools. The training promotes all good management practices while giving participants a first response level knowledge of mental health in a safe and non-triggering manner.

For those Managers and Employees who would like the tools to ‘ACT’ rather than ‘RE-ACT’, i-ACT is the programme for you! I-ACT brilliantly compliments other mental health training programmes that exist, and contributes towards the ‘whole business/community’ approach to mental health. The 4 hour on-line courses are evidence based, accredited by the Royal College of Psychiatrists, and can be delivered nationally and internationally so lend themselves really well to global businesses that want to achieve a consistent business wide approach in the training they adopt.

If you would like to book yourself and/or a colleague on our next available 4 hour on-line course, please contact us for dates and costs **A 10% discount is being offered to our existing customers** Mind Matters will be offer face-to-face i-ACT in the coming year.