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Addressing Bullying in the Workplace with Emotional Intelligence (2 day)

It is estimated by the CIPD that bullying in the workplace is the cause of 50% of cases of reported stress. Bullying at work leads to increased absence levels of employees, staff turnover is subsequently high, productivity can then be reduced and staff morale is impacted. It therefore follows that the effects of bullying are both harmful to and expensive for an individual, a team and an workplace, bullying, emotional intelligence, training, mental health, wellbeingorganisation.

In this two day course the trainer takes an innovative and creative approach to the subject matter of bullying by raising awareness of the subject matter and providing emotional and psychological insights into the dynamics within a bullying situation. Once “awake” to the dynamics of bullying, an observer or bystander to a bullying situation has a responsibility to take corrective and reparative action. This course provides participants with a strengthened, boundaried and emotionally intelligent approach to bullying at work.

Target audience

This course is designed for managers, human resources staff, team leaders and any employee in a position of team responsibility. Primarily the target audience is any manager who is interested in dignity at work and in enhancing the productivity of their team.

The aim of the course

The two day process aims to educate, prepare and “ground” delegates in the causes, psychological factors, prevailing conditions and awareness of abuse and bullying in the workplace. Subsequently participants will be instructed in how to raise awareness, increase their emotional intelligence and how to implement preventative and curative methods. Once aware of bullying at work, we all have a responsibility to take steps to eradicate abusive behaviour and to promote a dignified workplace environment for everyone.


  • To identify a bully and a bullying situation
  • To understand the prevailing conditions for bullying to thrive
  • To identify overt and covert bullying
  • To provide an understanding of the psychological make up of a perpetrator and their target
  • Develop an informal and formal approach to conflict resolution
  • To establish responsibility for implementing changes in behaviour
  • To revisit policies on bullying within the organisation
  • To promote awareness of bullying and the legal responsibility within the organisation
  • To develop practical early intervention techniques

Course Outline

Day One

What is meant by bullying?

Profile of the Narcissist and strategies employed

Prevailing Conditions – Identify, Isolate and Banish and the Cycle of Abuse

Causes of bullying behaviour

The role of envy and fear in bullying

The constellation dynamic that allows bullying to thrive

Power games and survival

Avoidance of exposure and humiliation


Day Two

Short and long term effects of bullying

Diagnosing bullying in the workplace

Responsibility of the bystander

Practical action and strategies

Legal responsibility of the employer

Addressing current policies on bullying

Promoting awareness

How to keep yourself, your employees and the organisation “safe” , free of abuse and the promotion of a dignified work place

Being creative, empathetic and compassionate within a bullying situation



£200 per delegate

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