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Transference & Counter Transference (1 day)

Whilst training as a psychotherapist many years ago, I persistently struggled with the concepts of transference and counter transference and it took some seven years of training before I was able to embody and somatically work with and understaTransference, counter transference, training, therapy, therapist, mental healthnd these dynamics. Although cognitively these concepts are potentially easily explained, I feel as a therapist we have a duty to bring these dynamics alive and to work alongside them responsibly and experientially so that the mist of familial and archetypal distortions that appears in the therapy room can be cleared for both the practitioner and the client.

Suzanne Schultz MA draws upon upon humanistic theorists, literature and fairy tale lore, in this one day workshop to help dissolve these prosaic and rigid dynamics and allow the practitioner to explore how to work alongside them rather than to struggle with them.


  • To understand the concepts of transference and counter transference fully in an embodied way
  • To explore the aetiology of these concepts both theoretically and experientially
  • To examine the role of the practitioner in projections, splitting and the applications of filters
  • To understand what is happening to the client in the process
  • To discover working ways to be with the filters and to process the
  • To appreciate the power of unconscious processes in general and to find a way of bring the unconscious to consciousness

Course outline

The first half of the training will concentrate on transference, its aetiology and function and how these distortions impact upon the practitioner and the work.

The second half will experientially examine the concept of counter transference and how to separate client and practitioner material. We will also explore the unconscious and how to work with it and alongside it.

Throughout the training the emphasis will be upon personal examination and case histories, theory and practice and creating an evolving and working model personal to the practitioner. Participants will be given extensive handouts and supervision/debriefing as a continuum throughout this training event.



£150 per delegate

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