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Mental Health First Aid

“The course was very informative and I now feel that I can apply what we have covered in my workplace. Thank you.”

“Fantastic – best course I’ve ever been on in terms of what I’ve learnt. So invaluable! Every company should have someone who’s Mental Health First Aid trained.”

“Fabulous course delivered by a brilliant trainer.”

“I wasn’t sure what to expect but have come away with a lot ore knowledge and understanding.”

“Excellent course – hope more people take it so we can reduce mental ill health more rapidly.”

“Excellent, much better than expected. I now truly feel that I can make a difference! Thank you!”

“Excellent instructor and course. Thank you.”

“The best course I have been on. Extremely well presented, and large group involved and controlled. Content and pace spot on. Thank you.”

“Really felt the trainer made a difficult subject easy to process and understand. Appreciate the mix of activities. Appreciate the resources provided.”

“A heavy subject made interesting, informative, and understanding by [Instructor].”

“[Instructor] delivered the course in a friendly informative manner, involving all learners. I particularly found the course very useful to the work that I do with people recovering and experiencing mental ill health. I would recommend this course to all organisations that support people with mental ill health needs.”

Of the Instructor: “Excellent delivery and knowledge.”

“[Instructor] delivered the course, easy to understand, no big medical words and very knowledgeable. Brilliant.”

“I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it and I’m very impressed with the course materials to take away and use.”

“Excellent! Will strongly recommend.”

“Fantastic course for anyone who wants to gain a basic knowledge of mental wellbeing/illnesses to be incorporated into personal and work-life.”

The course was very insightful and [instructor] was obviously very experienced in this area. I found the more personal experiences very helpful (such as the stress bucket) and have never done anything like this at work!”

“Thank you – enjoyed doing the course with external delegates.”

“Brilliant. Very informative!”

“Superb, would recommend.”

“[Instructor] is an excellent facilitator, so knowledgable and makes the course really easy to follow and digest. Thanks.”

“It was delivered very well – trainer was approachable, encouraging and very mindful of any impact of subject on participants. Very useful information and will help improve skills and knowledge.”

“Course was excellent and the materials useful and comprehensive.”

“Very well delivered. Best mental health course I have been on.”

“Excellent course, just a pity it wasn’t longer.”

“This course is essential! Loved the instructors approach. Very inclusive.”

“Excellent course!”

“Very good training, found it very interesting and delivered well.”

“Course was really interesting and I learned lots, especially modules 2 and 3. I feel much more confident in working with clients experiencing mental health issues.”

“I feel the course was beneficial, not only for work, but also for own self awareness and personal life. I will interact with others differently as a result of the training. Thank you.”

“Brilliant and enjoyable course. I will definitely recommend to colleagues as well as friends and family.”

“The most useful course I have ever completed.”

“One of the best training courses I have attended. Well worth the money. Thanks.”

“Very good course and would recommend to others, talks about mental health in a way that you can understand instead of all the medical terms.”

“Perfect group size, room and space for the course! Again, FANTASTIC instructor and very knowledgable.”

“Brilliant course.”

“Our instructor made the course extremely interesting, knowledgable, whilst remaining sensitive in the matters. I would recommend this course to everyone wanting to understand more about mental health.”

“Approachable, compassionate instructor.”

“Everyone should do the course. It would help everyone to understand that mental health issues are a real illness. It was brilliant.”

“A true eye opener and incredibly valuable course with regards to both personal and professional aspects.”

“Great training, utilising great skills for the future. Would like a more in-depth course for more knowledgeable/trained practitioners.”

“Awesome food! :)”

“Very well done, instructor was very fluent, informative and approachable. Excellent presentation and training.”

“Enjoyed the course, I am proud to be Mental Health First Aider.”

“Very good, got a lot from this course.”

“Very enjoyable course, thanks. I feel much more informed and confident.”

“BRILLIANT – Will recommend! Will use every day in work and home life.”


“Fantastic course, really enjoyed it and feel far more informed.”

“Very informative. Great course.”

“Very useful, learnt more on reflection than I thought I would. Statistics and workbook were very insightful!”

“Very useful.”

“Brilliant course.”

“Very interesting, thank you.”

“I think the voices practical exercise was very effective.”

“Very intense and interesting. I learned more than expected and what I already knew was reaffirmed and expanded upon with new information. Very good and very well presented.”

“Very insightful.”

“Fantastic course – extremely inspired to continue to learn more about mental health conditions as well as care for my own mental health.”

“A very good course.”


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