Mental Health Training

i-ACT (for Positive Mental Health) Manager & Employee/Frontline Worker

“Very informative course, well delivered, professional.”

“Really interesting course and extremely knowledgeable Instructor.”

“Being shown the manual was a useful resource for later.”

“I eally enjoyed today’s course, full of useful explanations and practical tips that you can use for yourself, members of your team and life in general. I had a basic awareness of mental health issues before the course, I now feel I have a more comprehensive understanding.”

“I found all of the course relevant on a business and personal level.  I am going to read the course book in full so I have an even better understanding.”

“I feel better equipped to support my team with matters of mental health and mental wellbeing.

“We work with homeless households who can be challenging, with chaotic lifestyles, substance /alcohol misuse, who are wanting our support. I will certainly be promoting the Personal Wellbeing plans within our 121’s, and to support the team, to promote their own well being as this can be affected by our work loads and role.”

“I am hoping to incorporate what I have learnt into my staff appraisals and will certainly be better able to expand on my interaction around mental health and wellbeing.”

“Useful content. Well delivered.”

“I will take more attention to the behaviour and actions of my team.  I will take more care of my own personal wellbeing.”

“I will use the templates provided within my team.  In doing so it may in still the team to realise their own well being or help identify any problems.”

“I am currently supporting someone with mental ill health and will try and adapt some techniques I learnt today.”

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