Mental Health Training

Youth MHFA

Youth Mental Health First Aid

“Was a brilliant insight into the depth of many prevalent mental illnesses experienced by youths. I now feel more confident and equipped to apply mental health first aid when needed! I would highly recommend and encourage others to undertake the course!”

“This course was really informative for me and will really encourage me to help others and look out for those I care about.”

“It was so informative and useful. I believe this should be more widely available and encouraged just as equally as physical first aid. I feel like I am now much more well equipped to deal with a mental health emergency or just somebody in need of support.”

“The training was well presented and documented. I gained a lot of information that will probably assist me for the foreseeable future.”

“Instructor was very knowledgable and the course was very well thought out, interactive, with insight into resources and sign-posting.”

“I now feel confident I could ask uncomfortable questions, and know I could stand hearing the answers.”

“Excellent instructor! Made the course enjoyable and covered sensitive subjects well.”

“Video clips were engaging, touching, and eye opening.”

“Lovely group, engaging course and trainer. Sensitive parts handled very well by trainer.”

“Course manual explains things very well, and great for future reference.”

“Very clear and engaging instructor.”

“A really engaging and informative course. Well presented and sensitive issues were delivered appropriately. An inclusive environment. I learned lots.”

“FANTASTIC COURSE!! More people should go on one of these courses. As someone with personal experience of mental health it is great to see a course that does not stigmatise those who have experienced a mental illness but focusses on support and recovery. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

“The course was very good and will definitely benefit in my role at work. Instructor did a brilliant job at delivering the sessions.”

“Thank you! Video clips very useful for illustrating key points.”

“The course was very beneficial in helping our TTLs to gain confidence in supporting our learners to be ‘happy’ learners.”

“I thoroughly enjoyed the course and it has made me more confident, fantastic approach to mental health.”

“Great instructor, great content, friendly small group. Nice lunch. 10/10 :)”

“A well planned good training course. Nice to have a range of people.”

“Course facilitator gave the group plenty of times for discussion and had lots of insightful knowledge.”

“It’s been a useful course for myself, which helped me self recognise past and present ailments and know how to do more self-care other than medical advice. It will also help me to know more agencies that link with mental health.”

“Excellent clear, interesting and concise.” [of the Course instructor]

“Enjoyed the course and would like to do the Adult course.”

“Gained a very good knowledge of mental health. Learnt a lot of new issues and support services. Course has been an eye opener.”

“An excellent course – hope to do the Adult course next. Thank you.”

“Fantastically helpful.” [of the Course instructor]

“Very motivational and knowledgable.” [of the Course instructor]

“The course was very concise and all questions/concerns were covered.”

“Great awareness raiser that has better equipped me with the skills and knowledge to be able to support young people. The trainer was very knowledgeable and supportive and really added greater insight. Thank you.”

“Well presented course and learning environment.”

“I thoroughly enjoyed the course. It has given me a better understanding of how to deal with our ‘A’ level students from a mental health point of view.”

“Enjoyable and informative course.”

[Of the course exercises] Helped turn the slides and videos into concrete learning.”

“The knowledge and delivery of the instructor was a real strength of the course.”

“Thank you so much. Really enjoyed the course.”

“Instructor has been amazing. Thank you” 🙂


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