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Understanding Suicide (1 day)

Suicide is one of the greatest, unspoken taboos in our society. Often a silent decision, the act of suicide carries with it enigmatic dynamics causing those who are left behind to try to piece together the mystery, to understand the possible reasons and to process verysuicide, mental health, training, understanding suicide, mhfa complex issues, including their own, at times polarized emotions.

It is human nature to find cognitive solutions for those things we do not understand. However, cognition has little place in the taboo of suicide. By entering into the dynamics of suicide, it is important to examine the psychology and nature of the person who commits suicide, the person who threatens it, the person who contemplates it and the complexities inherent in working alongside those who are at risk of the same.

This one day course is designed to equip participants with an increased emotional and practical base to be able to understand the complexities inherent in suicide as a reality. It will break some myths surrounding the topic and prepare participants in the event of their confronting suicide at work and/or in their personal lives and will equip the participant with tools to use to best support the suicidee.

Target audience

This one day course is designed for any mental health practitioner who works with the vulnerable in the mental health field.

The aim of the course

The aim of this workshop is to equip participants with a deeper understanding of the dynamics and effects of suicide; to increase awareness and self awareness; to examine beliefs and feelings about the topic and to explore the wider implications.


  • To understand the suicidee
  • To explore the complexity of emotions surrounding suicide
  • To understand the emotional fall out in the aftermath of suicide
  • To examine suicide being used as a punishment, an act of despair and a personal choice
  • To learn how best to support the suicide
  • To attain a wider knowledge of the grieving process
  • To achieve clarity about accountability

Course outline

Suicide and the law

Working with a suicidee

Suicide and romanticism

Personal accountability

The person left behind

Importance of supervision

Dangers of seeking clarity

Manipulation v. Choice

Complexity of emotions

The taboo

The shadow side of life

Looking at the “why?”



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