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This website and the resources contained herein include information supplied by third parties, and also links to other sources of information and websites. Such information is provided, or accessed, for the benefit of those visiting our website. Mind Matters Training has tried to ensure that information is accurate, effective, and beneficial to users. However, Mind Matters Training Ltd is not able to guarantee this, and therefore does not accept any liability or responsibility which might arise in/from reliance upon it. Where necessary, users should consult with appropriate professionals who will be able to assist in the use of such resources, including but not exclusive to, General Practitioners, therapists, legal representatives, and others.

Mind Matters Training regularly reviews and adds to the content of its resources, so that you have access to the latest tools to support you, or others that you are supporting or working with. Our resources are separated into the following groups. Please click on the link or menu to access:

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