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Reviewing Hug-in-a-Box: Promoting Mental Health, By Petite Pudding

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Reviewing Hug-in-a-Box: Promoting Mental Health, By Petite Pudding

If you haven’t heard of Hug-in-a-Box then you are missing out. These wonderful boxes were launched by Mind Matters earlier this year. The principle idea behind them is that you can send them to a friend or loved one to give them a theoretical hug so that they know you are there for them.

Mind Matters have designed their box to help provide ‘perfect moments’. Those priceless moments when we all feel present and content. With this in mind they have included items such as dark chocolate, which has the ability to boost the brains natural opiates. As well as chamomile tea, which is extremely effective at helping with anxiety and insomnia.

The evidence behind the idea is that giving or receiving a hug can create significant physical and mental benefits. Including reducing blood pressure and reducing stress levels. Hugs also increase the level of the love hormone, oxytocin. Although a Hug-in-a-Box is only a metaphorical hug; research suggests that receiving something that shows love and attention also reaps these benefits. Sounds great right?

Well we certainly thought so! Now having been fighting my own PND for the last few months I thought this was an ideal product for me. However, poor Mr Pud has been on endless night shifts this month. So I very kindly offered the box to him. I mean if anyone deserves a hug its Mr Pud. He was pretty excited when I handed it to him.


I have to say when we opened the box together I did slightly regret my decision! The box was beautifully packaged. All the items were individually wrapped in pink tissue paper, making it all the more exciting to unwrap each one.


We couldn’t believe how many things were in the box! I kept diving in and handing him another one. Honestly he was like a kid at Christmas.


Once we had unwrapped all the bits, he immediately scuttled off to run himself a bath to test out the bath salts. (Don’t worry I didn’t get any pictures of that) He then requested a cup of chamomile tea, his chocolate bar and his little mindfulness book to enjoy in said bath! After leaving me for an hour with the children, he emerged from the bathroom in a cloud of lavender scent and looking like a new man.

Mr Pud certainly enjoyed his Hug in a Box. It definitely helped him unwind and de-stress after a hard week. I personally think it Hug-in-a-Boxhelped him to cope with the mood crash he often has after a long stretch of night shifts.

Hug-in-a-Box appreciate that this little gesture won’t solve everyone’s’ problems. Hopefully it will provide a chance to recharge and assist with a persons coping abilities. It may become the start of a recovery for some people and every Hug-in-a-Box contains a ‘Get Support Now’ card to signpost people to a range of services.

We were very impressed with the Hug-in-a-Box. If you have someone out there who could do with just a little pick me up then you can order them a Hug-in-a-Box here. Every box can include a special message from you, to ad that personal touch.

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