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The Zeta Room, By Louise Moss

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The Zeta Room, By Louise Moss

Louise Moss has written about her Adverse Childhood Experiences and how they led to problems in her adult life. She offers the account to organisations involved in mental health training to use to promote an understanding among the public of the issues involved:

In order to cope with an over controlling mother and a rigid, inflexible father, I became two separate people – the inner one or the ‘real me’ and the outer one, the one that did what I was told. I would watch myself doing what people told me to do or saying what they wanted me to say, as if I were an actor on a stage, playing a part. Unlike an actor, though, there was no time when I could shake off the part and revert to being me. That inner self stayed hidden, too scared to come out.

Doing what I was told was an ingrained pattern but I wanted to be free to express my opinions and the things I wanted to do.

I searched for a cure.  The most significant was the recognition of the distortion layer, a layer that contained all my negative childhood experiences and which distorted the way I saw the world.  The cure came when was able to isolate this layer from my inner self which resided in a place I called the Zeta Room.  It was only then that I discovered the joy of a healthy relationship, free of the problems I had experienced throughout my life.

Today, I am no longer afraid to be anything other than who I am.

An extract from The Zeta Room is available on Louise’s website and the book is available FREE on 16th March from Amazon.  I hope you find it interesting.